Best Mall Restroom

Plaza Frontenac

A friend of ours, who shares our deep and abiding affection for the women's restroom in Plaza Frontenac, claims that a well-known interior decorator designed the opulent but tasteful sanctuary. We left messages for Plaza Frontenac staff but never heard back. No matter. Whoever designed it, the result is the same -- and it's sublime. From the buttery maple veneer on the toilet-stall doors (which go all the way to the floor, thank you very much, ensuring real privacy and lending a high-class feel to the whole enterprise) to the pretty upholstered chairs, from the immaculate sinks and toilets to the kind and flattering lighting, every detail makes this powder room a pleasant place to hang out. Should you feel the need to touch up your lipstick, chat with a friend, rest a bit after an arduous day spent combing through the sale racks, the ladies' room at Plaza Frontenac is the perfect haven. We assume, judging from the testimony of male friends, that the men's room is equally nice; modesty prevailed, and we opted not to peek. (Modesty also prevented us from doing a straw poll at the exit.) But even if the gents' chamber is only half as nice as the ladies', it's still got to be the best john in town.
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