Best Male Stripper

The Rock

We have nothing but respect for all the gentlemen wandering the interiors of Boxers 'n Briefs night after night, fondling their private parts in front of the wide-eyed male and female patrons. It's a hard job, if you know what we mean. But one man in particular delivers the most thrills every time he takes the stage. They call him the Rock, and he's the hardest-working person in the taking-off-your-clothes business. We're not singing his praises just because he's got muscles on top of his muscles, or because he's got a grin that could start a Trojan War, or even because he's got what appears to be a replica of a Louisville Slugger between his legs. Anybody can look good naked, but he builds the anticipation of going full monty more than any stripper, male or female, we've ever seen. Most every Friday and Saturday night, he dances, grinds, peels off layer after layer and generally restores the word "tease" to its rightful home next to "strip," all the while dodging an onslaught of dollar bills from squealing bachelorettes.

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