Best Macaroni and Cheese

Tin Can Tavern & Grille

Dinner is not a science experiment. There should be no unnaturally bright substances, no combination of the words "microwave" and "E-Z," no transformation from a gritty powder to something vaguely cheese-ish. Comfort food deserves a little TLC -- you wouldn't eat pot roast or green beans from a box. Make up for past indiscretions by ordering a heaping plateful of macaroni and cheese at the Tin Can. Like most everything else at this Morganford spot, the mac 'n' cheese is made from scratch. Velveeta and sharp Cheddar cling to every al dente elbow, and half-and-half renders the whole thing as smooth as Barry White practicing pick-up lines. Then there's a pinch of cornflakes (for crunchiness), plus a little brown sugar and a dash of hot sauce (for a sweet-slow afterburn). Eat it as a side, or eat it as dinner. Macaroni and cheese at the Tin Can ain't science -- it's magic.
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