Best Macaroni and Cheese

Big Sky Café

Macaroni and cheese is cuisine's common denominator. Babies just starting on finger foods love it, many a college student and broke twentysomething has sustained life by eating the perfectly matched duo exclusively. The dish is simple and hard to screw up for the kitchen-challenged -- with a bit of cheesy naughtiness, the all-in-a-box powdered-cheese varieties taste fine. Making this delicacy from scratch takes so long, and who's got the time? That's why it's always best to head to Big Sky Café when that down-home craving hits. You're a grownup, after all; why not treat yourself to executive chef Randy Brobst's ultra-decadent mac and cheese? At its core, it's just noodles and cheese, but this stuff is so rich, it could be dessert. The curlicue noodles, the just-right tartness of Cheddar, the bacon (oh yes!) that adds a level of crisp, smoky richness. Add a touch of fresh sage and you've got this year's mac-and-cheese champion. Got $4.50? It's all yours.
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