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The Good Pie

The Neapolitan-style pizza at the Good Pie is terrific at any time of the day: thin crust briefly fired in a nuclear inferno of an oven; fresh mozz melted to perfect goo; light, flavorful sauce. At lunch, though, it's terrific and an absolute steal: For as low as $8.95 (plus tax and tip), you can score a pizza that's just the right size for one, plus a generous serving of the restaurant's excellent house or Caesar salad. That includes both a basic margherita pizza as well as pies with salami or sausage and fresh herbs. Not every pizza is quite so cheap, but even the more ambitious offerings (such as pineapple and pancetta) cost only a few bucks more. It might not be the cheapest lunch in town, but for artisan pizza from a locally owned business it's too good a deal to ignore.

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