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Shapiro's Market

From the street, Shapiro's looks like any other neighborhood grocery store, save for one thing: a crusted propane barbecue that steams eternally on the sidewalk. Work your way through the sparse shelves to the back of the shop; there you'll find the cheapest, tastiest menu in the city. Pulled-pork sandwiches, so drenched with sauce you're forced to eat the soaked bun with a fork, sell for a mere $2.19. Hot dogs and half-pound hamburgers, fresh off the aforementioned grill, go for 99 cents and $2.19, respectively. There's also a selection of specialty hoagie sandwiches called "meisters," which are remarkable for the fact that slices from the deli loaves of meat and cheese are shaved directly onto the sandwiches. Shapiro's offers a delivery service, but good luck running up a bill that exceeds the $20 minimum.

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