Best Lunch Counter

U-City Grill

Accolades don't get any more literal than naming U-City Grill "Best Lunch Counter." Besides a pair of two-tops crowded along one wall, a lunch counter is literally all there is. From behind the elbow-shape counter, which seats fewer than a dozen diners, owners Mr. and Mrs. Sim -- who will smile but rarely talk, not even to one another -- crank out the following greasy-spoon staples: eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, ham, corned beef, toast, coffee, grilled cheese, BLTs. You can have a soda, but you'll pull it yourself from the beverage case near the door. There are no hamburgers or fries at U-City Grill, but there are Korean items like bibimbap (vegetables and rice) and bulgoki (marinated beef over vegetables and rice). A meal at U-City Grill costs however much money you have in the change cup of your car right now. This place is awesome.
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