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Uncle Jerry's Snacks

Uncle Jerry really liked pork rinds, so Dan and Shannon Wright named their special snacks after him. Running the gamut from St. Louis Style Pork Rinds to HOT Pork Tender Bites 'Old Tyme Cracklins', they're the only pork rinds made in Missouri. And virtually fat-free! These rinds, picked up from a recipe Dan learned in Louisiana Cajun country, likely would fill up the pantry of Dr. Atkins himself (if he were still around). What makes 'em so good is that they're shipped directly, right after cooking, so they're often less than 24 hours old by crunch time. St. Louis distribution is slow, because until recently the Wrights didn't have those pesky UPC codes. "Out here in Franklin County, people still have the cash register, and we marked 'em by hand," Dan explains. Check or call 573-764-3034 to find out where to get your fix. But before you dig in, heed Dan's advice about enjoying rinds in the correct fashion: "Have an ice-cold beer right next to ya."
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