Best Lounge Act

Bobby Schuessler

The Hideaway Restaurant & Lounge (5900 Arsenal Street, St. Louis; 314-645-8822) is a lounge in the truest sense of the word. The south-side institution is bedecked in a warm red (right down to the hand-knit placemats on the bar), and the mood invites you to grab a drink, sit back and, well, lounge. The relaxing, throwback vibe is heightened by the presence of a few regular piano players, who sing, gab and entertain the AARP cardholders that comprise the regular crowd. On Tuesday nights the bluehairs gather 'round the piano and let Bobby Schuessler take them on a sentimental journey via a selection of golden oldies that ranges from World War II-era ballads to early rock & roll staples. A rotating disco ball throws colors and shadows on the red walls while the (more agile) audience members swing and sway to "Unforgettable" or "Johnny Angel." Ever the gracious host, Schuessler'll hand you the mic if you want to croon "You Belong to Me" to that special someone.
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