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Saving the "Crown of Arches" atop Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium is now being picked over by scavengers in the market for everything from its ice machines to its electronic scoreboards. But for Iowa City-based graphic designer Joe Bauer, the push to preserve unique elements of the stadium came by way of an online whisper campaign to salvage the stadium's distinctive "crown of arches." Though Bauer managed to get his proposal -- which included reconstructing the arches along the metro east's riverfront -- in front of Cardinals brass, it had little chance of working. "We would have loved it if something like that could have happened," says John Lloyd, speaking for team owners. "But we had to apprise Mr. Bauer of the very real technical difficulties in achieving it. When you try to cut post-tension concrete loose, you can have an immediate structural event." In other words: The arches might explode! So the storied stadium will come down, arches and all. It was a nice idea while it lasted.
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