Best-Looking Rams Player

John David Washington

Such a conundrum does the knee-weakening mug of John David Washington present. On the one hand, if the Rams rookie, signed as an undrafted free agent over the summer, earns some quality PT on the gridiron this fall, it ups his chances of being kept on for seasons to come. But on the other, it also means covering up that comely countenance with a helmet. The five-ten, 200-pounder can surely play; at Division II Morehouse the running back set single-game and career rushing records. And he'll likely do just fine finessing the refs and handling the press. After all, his dad is two-time Oscar nabber and Hollywood A-lister Denzel. It's that face, though — modelesque cheekbones and hunky bedroom eyes that out-sizzle the Man on Fire himself — that's most worth rooting for. He's welcome to cross our line of scrimmage anytime.
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