Best-Looking Fast-Food Joint

Del Taco

Is anyone else disappointed with the way this new millennium is shaping up? C'mon, it's A.D. 2000! Where are the floating cities? Where are the flying cars? Where are the shiny silver unitards? Where are the damn robots? Science fiction promised us a brave new world, but we're still stuck with the same crappy one from last century. But take heart, fellow future-shockers. At least there's someplace you can eat in this town that's more Jetsons than Mound City: the Del Taco at Grand and Highway 40. "They" want you to believe it's a Del Taco, anyway. The astute conspirator will recognize it as the flying saucer featured in Plan 9 from Outer Space, nestled into the gentle slope of Grand's incline. Beneath the graceful parabolic arc of its extraterrestrial hull, one can dine on the finest grub this side of Soylent Green. At night, awash in its lurid neon underbelly, folks might laugh at your silver unitard and call you Maurice, but you'll know who the real space cowboy is. Welcome to the future. Would you like fries with that?
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