Best Long-Running Movie

Monument to the Dream

Want to see a movie with high drama and breathtaking visuals? When's the last time you visited your neighborhood cinema in the bowels of the Gateway Arch? Charles Guggenheim's mesmerizing 28-minute documentary Monument to the Dream is an optical illusion of a film. As you sit watching, you know the Arch is towering 630 feet over your head, the tallest man-made monument in America. But as you watch construction workers rush to cool down the heat-expanding south leg in order to insert the final piece, don't be surprised if beads of perspiration break out on your forehead. It's that gripping. When he died last year at age 78, filmmaker Guggenheim left behind a legacy of remarkable documentaries on such varied subjects as the Ku Klux Klan and the Johnstown Flood. But how about this for a monument to a career? Since its premiere in 1976, Monument to the Dream has screened twelve times a day during the summer, eight times a day the rest of the year (and the Arch is open 362 days a year). That's about 87,000 showings thus far...with no end in sight. For more, visit or call 877-982-1410.
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