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Missouri State Parks

We are a sedentary nation, and the Internet sure ain't helping. For the first time ever, this year Americans are expected to spend more time online (five hours per day) than they do watching TV (four and a half hours per day). Who better to recognize this than a counter-intuitive website that actually encourages us to unplug and get off our ass? The online home of Missouri State Parks is such a site. This beautiful and smartly designed website greets visitors with an interactive "Choose Your Own Adventure" tool. Just plug in your interests (camping, hiking, fishing, etc.) and voilà! Out pops dozens of state parks where you can pursue your hobbies. Click on one of those results, and you're taken to the park's individual website where you can see photos and video, read about the park and its history, and even reserve a campsite. And for you unabashed techies who cringe at the thought of spending time off the grid, know this: Some of Missouri's 87 state parks and historic sites offer campgrounds with free Wi-Fi. You can find out which ones at (where else?)

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