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What High School Should We Call Me

In 1987 Web wizards invented the Graphics Interchange Format, or GIF. Around the same time, kids were popping out of the womb who were destined to properly deploy this technological miracle — namely, by using GIFs to make fun of shit. Take this entry from the anonymous GIF impresarios behind the Tumblr, What High School Should We Call Me. Setup: "What I mean when I say I went to Cor Jesu." Punch line: A GIF of a headgear-wearing '80s nerd trapped in a never-ending Elaine Benes dance. Priory, Viz, Westminster — lots of local high schools get the business end of the GIF. But the site is so much more than that. Each entry is a snapshot of St. Louis culture as much as it is just a wicked inside joke among locals. "When someone says they don't like Imo's," begets Kenny Powers rolling his eyes over the caption, "I can already tell I don't like you." Or, "When someone makes fun of me for saying Warshington (with an "R")" earns a defiant Samantha Jones glowering, "I will not be judged by you or society." That's anthropological gold! In response to our fanboy e-mail, the creators wrote back, "It's definitely not as easy as it looks, but it's not brain surgery either. I mean, it's a GIF tumblr. If all else fails, we just make fun of the Landing."

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