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We first came across the website for this downtown creative-consulting firm via its Twitter feed, @HughesPR. The company's intriguing comments and links to timely issues in media and communications compelled us to check out who was behind the tweets. Once we arrived at, we were immediately blown away by the opening video featuring live-action shots melded with animation. Exploring the website further, two things became evident: We have no idea what the hell Hughes does (something about "genius optimization" and "research-driven solutions"), and it's clear the company knows how to make a kick-ass website. We especially love the company's staff profiles ( Scroll over the mug shots of all the staffers and watch their faces follow your cursor. It's like directing the opening credits of The Brady Bunch. All these faces in squares, looking this way and that, and you're in control! Look over here, Jan! Look that way, Peter! Oh, no, over here, Cindy! We love it! We love it! We want some more of it!

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