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By day Chris Files toils in PR. By night, satire. He has yet to get his big break into the fraternity of fake news, however. So the Saint Louis Science Center flack started his own tribute to the fake-news genre in mid-2007 with the advent of the Files Files, a Web site "committed to bringing you all of the information you want and none of the information you need." Files posts news stories à la the Onion and short video clips à la Stephen Colbert. Recent takes include a behind-the-scenes look at "Extreme Birdwatching" and propaganda for a "Pee in the Shower" campaign. Says Files: "The most interesting comment I've gotten was from somebody who wrote to say he almost soiled himself after watching one of the videos. Hopefully that's not normal in his world. I think it's the most flattering thing I've ever been told."
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