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OK! OK! Needlers, nitpickers and technophiles are correct: isn't technically a Web site; it's a blog. Score one for the digerati. But quibbles aside, the question becomes academic if what you're really after is the city's best round-up of local and regional politics. From Mound City to Chicago, the archpundit covers it all, seasoned -- it is a blog, after all -- with a soupçon of analysis. Want the inside track on Illinois boy wonder Barack Obama? How about the latest poll numbers for our politically swingin' state? Just point your browser the archpundit's way, and you're sure to get megapixels of politics -- about the left, the right and all that fall between. Sometimes wonky, sometimes funny, unabashedly lefty but unfailingly smart, should be required reading for political junkies and flunkies of all stripes.
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