Best Local TV Commercial

InstaCredit AutoMart

St. Louis lost one of its great TV pitchmen this year, with the passing of "Decent Boy" Steve Mizerany. R.I.P. That said, Mizerany would be happy to know that one local company has stepped up to fill the void. We're talking, of course, about InstaCredit AutoMart, whose commercials feature a trio of talking shelties: Baxter K, Buckey J and Punkey Ray. (Mention the pooches when buying your new car and get $200 off the sale price!) And while InstaCredit's commercials have always been a little out there, this year they magnificently jumped the shark. If you haven't seen the car lot's rap video, you're missing a treat. The spot begins with a bass hook and a barking dog (Buckey J.) before launching into the rap: Regardless of your credit, we'll get you qualified/Before you know it, your credit's rectified/Shop our two locationscars and SUVs/In less than 30 minutes, you'll be strutting with new keys....

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