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St. Louis Aces Team Tennis

A handsome young man, naked save for a comically pronounced athletic supporter, stands on a tennis court. A moment passes, allowing this image to sink in -- could that be an actual codpiece he's wearing? -- and then the volley of tennis balls commences. The man spins and ducks, twirls and dodges, but ball after ball smacks him in the chest, back and legs. Those off-screen begin to laugh, as does the man himself. Inevitably a ball strikes the man's crotch. He yelps in pain. "Don't be stupid!" a voice booms. "Watch Aces' tennis!" Dumb? Infantile, even? Of course. But admit it: You'd forgotten there was such a thing as team tennis, let alone that St. Louis had a franchise. Now you'll Google the Aces to see what the deal is. Maybe you'll head to the Dwight Davis Memorial Tennis Center in Forest Park for Riverfront Times Codpiece Night. What more can you ask from a local spot but to remind you, by whatever means necessary, of what's always been in your own backyard?
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