Best Local Technophile

Charlie Miller

St. Louis is not Silicon Valley, but we're no slouch on the tech side of things — after all, we gave the world the man who invented Twitter (see "Best Local Boy Made Good"). We also boast as a resident the man who might be the greatest hacker in the world: Charlie Miller. He has hacked Samsung, Nokia and Android phones, but he's best known for his Apple hacks. He hacked Safari, hacked the MacBook Air, and he was the first to hack an iPhone. Basically, Apple freaking hates this guy, even though he loves the company's devices and expresses that love by showing how they can be exploited. Apple banned him from its iOS Developer Program for designing an app that could take over a phone and steal personal data. Of course, Apple had gone so far as to approve the app; Miller had to alert the company to its mistake. In that regard Miller is very much a white hat — but no less of a badass for it.

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