Best Local Single of the Past 12 Months


The first single from Nelly's upcoming CD, Brass Knuckles, is called "Wadsyaname." Using a repetitive piano line nicked from K-Ci and Jojo's "All My Life" as its base — think the soundtrack to a music-box-ballerina — along with a simplistic hip-hop beat, Nelly tells of establishing himself as a gentleman. Even though he's using eye-rolling pickup lines ("What's your sign?") and checking out the sweet-ass body of his crush object — a woman who has a lame boyfriend — he's establishing respectful boundaries and assuring her that they'll only get together and kick it if she wants. (And no pressure — even though he's only going to be in town for eight hours.) Nelly likes that she's an independent woman with her own car, house and job, and it makes him sad that her man treats her like shit. That smooth, understanding approach eventually helps Nelly lure the fine lady away from her man, leading to a triumphant union at the end of the song, when she tells him (ostensibly) her real name, her astrological sign (Pisces), and joyfully says she "doesn't care" where her man is. Let the boots-knocking ensue!
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