Best Local Single of the Past 12 Months

"In Ya Face"

Although "In Ya Face" has a spectacularly raunchy chorus -- "Now would you let me put my ass in ya face?/If I let ya bend me over by the waist?" -- "Ebony Eyez" Williams is quick to point out that it's a sarcastic response to a dude who decided to work his sleaze mojo on her at a club. But even if the song wasn't such a potent rallying cry for women, we'd still agree that the song, well, bangs. When we first heard its crunchy beat and deftly spit verses, we were pumped, but when we heard that the TrackBoyz-produced jam had broken nationally, we were foaming at the mouth: The Lou's rap hitting streak -- Nelly, Chingy, Murphy Lee, J-Kwon and now Ebony -- had been preserved.
Readers' Choice: "Manhattan," Westcott
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