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Maplehood Rekkids

The party line about St. Louis is that we have no local record labels -- and, by extension, no good local record labels. Well, somebody forgot to tell Maplehood Rekkids, a -- where else? -- Maplewood-based label that's quietly doing its part to support the scene. Despite the demise of angular noisemongers Commichung and venerable soul-punkers Adam's Off Ox this past summer, the label is repping for the Lou's underground with winsome indie folksters the Okay Club, hardcore-turned-acoustic-troubadour Brian Potts' Aquatic Record, junkpile groover Stendek and banjo-pickin' rockers the Monads. Plus, its yearly Will Rock for Food benefit show for the St. Louis Area Foodbank continues to help feed the hungry -- to date, Maplehood has donated nearly $1,700 to the cause.
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