Best Local Radio DJ/Personality

Jay Nicks, WFUN (95.5 FM)

Radio personalities aren't supposed to be good-looking; they're supposed to sound good-looking. After all, if they had the face to match the voice, they'd be on TV, right? Well, we've never actually seen Jay Nicks, the early-evening 95.5 jock who refers to himself as "the youngest in charge," but we'd bet good money that he's cute as a button and then some. Whether he's shooting the shit about prom-night escapades, flirting with besotted female callers, razzing his fellow DJs or plugging one of his live spins, Nicks has charisma galore, the elusive "it factor" that the American Idol judges were always droning on about. Call us crazy, but we swear we've actually heard his dimples cracking over the airwaves. His crowning achievement is the "St. Louis Seven" segment, a combination call-in show and hit-song countdown. Nicks starts it off with a catchy little prerecorded rap ditty (a Nicks original) about what it takes to wow the masses, and then he exhorts the "guest DJs" -- a never-ending succession of giddy prepubescent girls who call in partly to be on the radio but mostly, we suspect, to talk to their radio sweetheart -- to "do your thing." The "thing" is to introduce the song, although most of the breathless little darlings also take the opportunity to squeal, "Jay Nicks, you my baby!" Listen closely, and you can almost hear the whisper of a hundred pairs of cotton panties hitting the walls of the air room.
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