Best Local Promoter

Amin Mohabbat

Without Amin Mohabbat St. Louis would be a desert for dance enthusiasts. After the rave scene ran its course in the late '90s, there was a dearth of big-name DJs making their way to town. Devoted to meeting the music needs of electronic fans, Mohabbat's company B&W Productions has always rolled with the punches — when the scene at Dante's got stale, he took his shows to the $15 million paradise of Home Nightclub. When that too-big-to-fail failed, Mohabbat didn't flinch; he just moved his base of operations and a hotly anticipated Paul Oakenfold show to Club Europe, whose downtown location was better suited to his crowd than any casino in St. Chuck. In a divisive scene such as this, it's easy for detractors to do what they do best (hate), but even they can't deny that, without Mohabbat, we'd never see the likes of the Crystal Method on New Year's Eve or the world's No. 1 DJ, Tiësto, on a Wednesday.

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