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New Music Thursdays

Back in the day, the old Cicero's — y'know, the one that became Blueberry Hill's Duck Room — was a haven for up-and-coming bands. In 2007 the new Cicero's assumed a similar role for scads of young indie-rockers in town, thanks to the monthly "New Music Thursdays" event. On the first Thursday of each month, new-music fanatics can trek to the Loop secure in the knowledge that they're guaranteed to see a fantastic multi-band show. In fact, the musicians who have played the night represent the crme de la crme of the local scene. There's Jumbling Towers, whose acrobatic theatrical-rock is indebted as much to the Pixies as it is to British dandies. Berlin Whale, whose homespun Casio-rock is a guaranteed dance party. The collective Say Panther, whose charming piano-rock resembles a twee New Order or a sunnier Velvet Underground. Even the elder statesmen of the scene — the Bureau, So Many Dynamos and Gentleman Auction House, among others — have graced the stage. Every music scene needs its Cheers, a place where folks can go to feel right at home — and the close-knit atmosphere fostered by this night fits the bill.
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