Best Local Label

Pancake Productions

Under the watchful eye of the inimitable king of quirk, Rob "Pancake Master" Severson, Pancake Productions' roster is fished from the deep, eclectic pockets of St. Louis' deranged pop scene. And it all started with some seed money the Pancake Master scratched together after making an appearance on the TV show Jeopardy! Seriously! So you like Bob Mould-inspired, Midwestern power pop? Cool, head down the Pancake Productions' sweets-and-cheap-beer aisle and grab the criminally underlooked Popular Mechanics album, Time and a Half. You say disjointed, avant-garde pop is your thing? Great, go talk to that weird dude with the headset and accordion, Googolplexia (Severson himself), busking in front of the store. If hipster-hop, chop and screwball, auto-tuned crunk tickles your fancy, go see the burnouts doing whip-its behind the store, King Kong Magnetics. And, of course, not enough can be said about St. Louis' slop-pop champs, Bunnygrunt. You can find its newest seven-inch, Lady, You Just Got Von Damaged!, in the garage department, just past the bubble-gum aisle.

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