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Pro-Vel Records

Formed in late 2002 by Nancy Catalina and Kirk Filley and, according to the label's bio, driven by the local music scene "to sling releases by some of the unknown greats from the Midwest region out there for the rest of the world to finally taste and see," Pro-Vel Records has been making noise nationwide. Dealing in garage, psych, power-pop and any other genre of rock that's generally greasy, vaguely sleazy and the kind of stuff your mother warned you about, to date Pro-Vel has released one well-received compilation of local and regional bands and three full-length albums, one each from its growing roster featuring garage-pervos The Electric, perennial fashion rockers The Phonocaptors, and fuzz-tone merchants Thee Lordly Serpents. Up next for the label: a series of vinyl singles and more national promotion of local and regional acts via independent radio and the Internet. Sounds good!
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