Best Local Invention

The FURminator

Most pet owners are familiar with the scenario. Hair covers the bedspread, the couch, the bathmats. Giant balls of fur roll, tumbleweed-like, across the hardwood floor. These clumps of hair could intimidate even the most robust dust bunny. Shedding is constant, unavoidable — and really pretty gross. Enter the FURminator. This local invention addresses a global problem, and its effectiveness is astounding. Angie and David Porter, owners of the south-city pet boutique Groomingdale's, developed the FURminator after years of grooming experience. No matter how thoroughly the Porters brushed the cats and dogs that visit their pet spa, shedding remained an issue. That's because, until the FURminator came along, no grooming tool tackled the undercoat. The Porters' ergodynamically designed de-shedding brush removes the giant clumps of hair that would otherwise be destined for every flat surface in your house. Even better, the FURminator keeps dogs' and cats' hair and skin healthy, making it a popular choice with two- and four-legged household members. And we're not touting it merely because of its local pedigree: This St. Louis invention is now available pretty much everywhere (it's stocked by PetSmart and PetCo stores all across the nation), and it's even used by military K-9 units.

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