Best Local Impresario

Mike Cracchiolo

It has been a year of ups and downs for Mike Cracchiolo. In addition to being the long-time owner of the Firebird, Cracchiolo recently expanded his empire to include the Demo (relocated from Atomic Cowboy) and the Ready Room, two Grove-area businesses separated only by a record shop. Things looked good at first, but then trouble with the neighbors threatened to derail both endeavors just as they were building steam. Residents lodged formal complaints of excessive noise, and the Demo had to close up shop for two full months while soundproofing renovations were completed. But now compromises have been reached and peace has been restored, with the Demo once again open for business and Cracchiolo's status as one of St. Louis' best purveyors of live music secured. Stop by any of Cracchiolo's three clubs on any given night and expect a good time.

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