Best Local Girl Made Good

Patricia Bynes

FOX News' Sean Hannity was sorely mistaken if he thought he could easily smack down Ferguson Democratic Committeewoman Patricia Bynes. She may represent a small city, but she knows how to hold her own, even against a conservative political blowhard — and throw some serious shade along the way. That fact has been immortalized in a screengrab of the moment when Bynes appeared to be giving Hannity a look of utter disdain as he railed at her for calling the Michael Brown shooting an incident of "police brutality" and condescended that he wanted to "educate her." "I don't need your kind of education," she fired back. Though the segment went viral, it's not just that look for which we laud Bynes. It's the fact that she spent nearly every night of the unrest in Ferguson on the ground, ready for anything — whether that meant taking heat from residents, counseling nonviolence to protesters or getting hit in the face with a wave of tear gas.

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