Best Local Girl Made Good

Ellie Kemper

The first thing we noticed about Ellie Kemper was how gosh-darn cute she is. Brought onto NBC's The Office as new-girl receptionist Erin, she charmed us with her adorable naiveté and winsome awkwardness — qualities we again admired in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere and Bridesmaids. But it was only when we did a bit of Googling that we really fell in love, for two big reasons. One, Kemper is the genius behind the "Blowjob Girl" video — a short piece of viral insanity in which the ever-adorable Kemper offers to bite and smash the hell out of her boyfriend's dick. Two, she's from St. Louis! Kemper's grandmother is actually that Mildred Lane Kemper, namesake of the Wash. U. art museum, and little Ellie graduated from John Burroughs School before heading off to Princeton. Funny, smart and from the Lou? She's got the total trifecta.

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