Best Local Comedian

Greg Warren

"He always makes me laugh out loud," Last Comic Standing 4 semifinalist and St. Louis native Nikki Glaser says of Greg Warren. "He's a master and I've learned so much from him. He's one of the best headliners around town, for sure." In 2006 the Comedy Central and BET vet has traveled from CA to PA and everywhere in between, and this fall he hits nineteen theaters across the country alongside national notables on the Friends of the Bob & Tom Show Comedy Tour, slaying 'em with his aw-shucks delivery and razzing of his favorite target group, white trash: "There are a lot of white-trash people in this country trying to learn to fight like the Asian culture. I just wonder if over in Japan there are a lot of kids trying to fight like American white trash. 'Before fight, take off shirt and walk around. Pound chest. Talk trash. Secretly hope someone show up and break up fight before it occur. If you win fight, stand over opponent and say, 'I told you, you not want none of this.' Go home. Don't pay child support. These are the ways of the white-trash warrior."
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