Best Local Cartoonist

Matt Kindt

Dossier #: 009252008

Name: Matt Kindt

Seminal work: Super Spy, graphic novel, released 2007. A collection of 52 intertwined stories about the daily lives of spies in Europe during World War II, Super Spy is by turns thrilling and poignant. It is always beautifully drawn and colored. It is even (in parts) historically accurate.

Best deployment of Morse code in Super Spy: Via a belly dance. Come on, you know you've got to read it now.

Accolades: Booklist's list of Top 10 graphic novels of 2007, nominated for Eisner Award (the highest honor in comics).

Other work: 2 Sisters, Pistolwhip.

Forthcoming: Super Natural, 3 Story: The Secret History of Giant Man.

Additional reasons to love him: Kindt is fully committed to including his readers in his world of super spydom. At his interactive art shows, which he has staged at various bookstores and galleries around town, he gives you, the viewer, the chance to engage in a daring spy mission. On his website he sells supplies: No super spy should go out into the field without packing a vial of cyanide mints.

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