Best Local Boy Gone Bad

Mayor Francis Slay

Despite Missouri's voter-approved, ten-year ban on same-sex marriage, four gay St. Louis couples married here this year, and they have the St. Louis marriage certificates to prove it. How is that possible? Because St. Louis mayor Francis Slay and the team he recruited for a year in secret broke the rules. Slay thinks Missouri's ban on same sex-marriage is unconstitutional, so he asked the city's recorder of deeds, who issues marriage licenses, and four local gay couples to break the law by sneaking in his office at night and having four weddings. The couples are now technically married according to a state that forbids their marriages. But it was what Slay did next that proves he has "gone bad." Once the deed was done, Slay called Attorney General Chris Koster practically begging for a lawsuit, saying he'd purposefully broken the state constitution on city-hall property because he believes the law is wrong. Koster filed a lawsuit the next morning, but only while admitting to the people of Missouri that he, too, doesn't think gay marriage should be illegal.

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