Best Local Boy Gone Bad

Larry Conners

Though not originally from St. Louis, Larry Conners, the face of KMOV-TV (Channel 4), has been like a long-lost Texan uncle to us for nearly 40 years. You know — the one who keeps popping up every once in a while, like when he wins yet another local Emmy, or voluntarily gets tased on the evening news, or scores an interview with the president. This May he hopped on KMOV's Facebook page, and all hell broke loose. Conners implied that the IRS was investigating him after he grilled Obama with "hard-hitting" questions in a 2012 interview (nevermind the whole owing-back-taxes thing). A week and a half later, he was unceremoniously dumped by his long-time employer and filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, accusing the station of age and racial discrimination. Then he sued KMOV for breach of contract and claimed its higher-ups were barring him from accepting a new job in local media. In the meantime, Conners has created Facebook and Twitter accounts of his own (called, yes, Larryconnersusa), where he fires off commentary that sounds exactly like what you'd expect from your sixtysomething, gun-lovin' uncle from Texas. Conners' fall from grace wasn't a total face-plant, though: At last count, he has amassed nearly 5,000 Facebook "likes" and more than 2,000 Twitter followers.

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