Best Local Boy Gone Bad

August A. Busch IV

Yeah, we know. To go bad, you have to start good — while the chart of AB4's ride on the RFT's Good-to-Bad-o-Meter looks a bit like a 2-D diagram of the Screamin' Eagle. Still: Just a few years ago, by all outward appearances, this scion of suds was finally riding the high on the rails of life's rolly coaster. He'd shed his party-boy image to take over the family biz. Married. Settled down. Become responsible. But you can't keep a bad beer baron up for long. So let's once again review the poor rich guy's recent downward trajectory. Lose Eberhard's and Adolphus' empire to some Belgians? Check. Divorce? Yep. Dead, divorced MILF in the bedroom? Affirmative. Evidence of drug use in the toxicology report? You know it. Prosecution avoided? Done and done. Congrats, Augie. You made Best Of. We'll be sending you a plaque.

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