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Stephon Young

Stephon Young's name is already well known to local boxing enthusiasts. To the rest of the general population, not so much. There's reason to believe all that may change in the relatively near future, though. After years of having "celebrated amateur" permanently affixed to his name, Young turned pro in August of 2011. Less than a month earlier he had narrowly missed out on a spot in the Olympics, boxing for Team USA. Young has fought four times since his professional debut at the Ameristar in St. Charles, winning three bouts and pulling a draw in his last fight — his first professional bout on the road. He's currently the eleventh-ranked bantamweight fighter in the U.S., and his lightning-fast hands have drawn some (mildly hyperbolic) comparisons to a young Floyd Mayweather. In short, Stephon Young has plenty of talent, more than enough to deserve his standing as an exciting up-and-coming fighter here in the Midwest. Whether he goes the way of Dangerous Dannie Williams and Devon Alexander to become the "Next Big Thing" to hit the fight scene out of St. Louis remains to be seen, but all the ingredients are there.

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