Best Local Boxer

Devon Alexander

Devon Alexander reps his city, and his city loves him right back. Sure, new talent has emerged from local boxing gyms: The undefeated Ryan Coyne has become one of the top cruiserweight contenders in the nation, and twenty-year-old Stephon Young finished second in the 114-pound class at this year's Golden Gloves tournament. But the hopes of St. Louis boxing still rest in Alexander's lightning-fast hands. With his split-decision victory against the hammer-handed Lucas Matthysse, Alexander answered all questions about his toughness. He traded punches with the hardest hitter in the division and won. He looked quick, aggressive and courageous. Yes, his game still has areas that need improvement. But with all his ups and downs in the past year, it's easy to forget that Devon Alexander is just 24 years old. He's one of the 50 best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet and right in the mix for the junior welterweight crown. If and when he gets there, you know he'll have that STL fitted on his head.

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