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Basil Kincaid

Staff Pick

It's a little weird to single out Basil Kincaid here. Rather than standing apart, his work has largely been about weaving the world together, often literally in quilts and the shattered bits of St. Louis that he collects in his wanderings and then reimagines. He melds the Metro with Ghana, where he had a residency. And he is a master spider-web builder when it comes to connecting forces such as poverty and consumerism, broad historical themes and individual identity. He writes, performs and builds collages. One of his best-known projects, the years-long, multi-part Reclamation is itself a collaboration between Kincaid and fellow St. Louis artists Damon Davis and Eric "Prospect" White. So while he spends his days focused on the greater collective, the larger "We" of St. Louis can be united in a little hometown pride in a talent such as his.

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