Best Local Album of the Past 12 Months

Grace Basement, Wheel Within a Wheel

Kevin Buckley spent a few years away from his folk/pop project Grace Basement and hit a couple grown-up milestones — turning 30, getting married and playing the Irish folk music that nurtured his skill on the fiddle. After releasing two fine records of rangy indie rock in 2007 and 2009, Buckley started with a clean slate, a new set of backing players and an all-in push toward acoustic music that amplified his folk roots while sacrificing none of his gifts for melody, harmony and lyrical insight. Wheel Within a Wheel kicks off with some DIY doo-wop and an errant Elton John quote with "The Way to Be" and spends the remaining nine tracks mixing humor, doubt and devotion. Along the way, Buckley and his Grace Basement partners make the argument that quiet is the new loud.

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