Best Local Album of the Past 12 Months

Got This Feelin'

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce that the same group who took home this year's "Best Rock Band" honors should logically also win "Best Local Album" -- especially when said honoree is Riddle of Steel. Often cited as one of the loudest live bands in town, the trio shows dynamic range and subtlety on its June-released sophomore platter, Got This Feelin'. Sure, hints of Queens of the Stone Age's lumbering stoner-rock wind through the bottom-heavy riffs and the Josh Homme-esque monotone-but-melodic vocals on "Baby Bird" and "The Lovers of Nothing." But elsewhere the group adds intricate fretwork that reeks of prog rock, while "Invisible Hands" even sounds as spacey and chiming as early-'90s Britrockers Catherine Wheel -- and justifies the shout-out quintessential mopers the Smiths receive in Feelin's liner notes.
Readers' Choice: If the Cigarette Smoke Doesn't Kill You, the Hairspray Will (Rushmore Academy)
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