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Many college kids form bands to pass the extra time while studying to enter the real world, yet very few aim or expect to take their act past the dorm rooms and Solo-cup-littered basement shows. This is not the case for Jon Ryan and Eric Peters of noise-rock band Volcanoes. Ryan and Peters signed to Afternoon Records late last year, making them another St. Louis band branching beyond the local scene. Volcanoes started in a dorm room, where its first EP was written and recorded. That was also the venue for the band's first packed shows. The drum-and-bass duo is taking its act and recent full-length Heavy Hands beyond its Lindenwood stomping grounds, touring as far as New York. If noise rock is what the kids are craving these days, then Volcanoes knows how to bring it to them. While this may be the end of the dorm shows, Volcanoes' sets still terrorize listeners' ears every time it takes a stage of any size.

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