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7 Shot Screamers

It's a classic interviewing trick, young bands giving props to their trailblazing elders; it's a sign of respect for these vets' musical talent and hard work. But it's not every day that icons such as Morrissey and punk queen Exene Cervenka dole out glowing compliments to whippersnappers half their age. In 2006 such kudos were all in a day's work for punkabilly hellions 7 Shot Screamers, who toured the States from coast to coast as the backing band (and opening act) for Cervenka and her X side project, the Original Sinners. The band (minus vocalist Mike Leahy) also recorded the backing licks on the Sinners' 2006 Nitro Records album, Sev7en. But with the release of a new album, 7 Shot Screamers In Wonderland, in August—not to mention tour dates alongside Cervenka's main squeeze, X—it's a sure bet these four talented musicians are well on their way to long-overdue recognition from national audiences.
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