Best Load-In

Black Thorn at Lemmons

In addition to the fame, the chicks and the mountains of coke, one of the best things about being in a rock band is getting to carry heavy musical equipment through glass-strewn alleys and up and down narrow back staircases slick with beer, urine and GG Allin knows what else. Leave it to those clueless folks at the Black Thorn at Lemmons to steal that simple joy. Not only do they let musicians use the front entrance, just inside the door is an elevator that lets out -- get this -- right next to the stage. At best, musicians only get to lug their amplifiers ten feet. How are they supposed to fuel their creative angst and sense of oppression with that? Toss in delicious pizza, friendly bartenders and pleasant and reasonable soundmen (and women), and you've got a club that's downright musician-friendly. What are they thinking?

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