Best Live-Music Venue to Die in the Past 12 Months


South-siders and local music fans, particularly those involved in the punk scene, mourned the loss of a St. Louis institution this July. Lemmons had operated as an off-kilter sports bar, pizza joint and music venue in the Bevo Mill area for more than twelve years. Local bookers including Brian Fleschute, Daren Gratton and the late Jamie Foehner were instrumental to the musical aspect of the venue, and their hard work made the place a haven for late-night shenanigans and rowdy punk shows for years. Citing financial and personnel issues, as well as simply being "worn out," owner Michael Gross told RFT at the time of the venue's closing that, "As soon as you can no longer see the upside, that's the time to get out." The building was later sold to St. Louis' Grbic family, which owns a Bosnian restaurant located on Keokuk Street, in late August. The building's exact future remains unclear at this time.

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