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Femme Fatality

Femme Fatality's energetic concert experience draws many comparisons; some attendees at a July Hi-Pointe show namechecked electro-geek Thomas Dolby and the space-age rap of the Beastie Boys' Hello Nasty as touchstones. But perhaps the greatest compliment the black-clad duo received was from an audience member who boldly stated that Femme Fatality was just how they wished Devo had been. And this concertgoer was right: Instead of creating ironic distance like the men of Devo often did, FF employs robotic shout-raps, electroclashing synths and marching electro-beats to dominate the crowd like a crushing bear hug. Performers Hephaestion Palermo and Monanani Palermo climbed high above the audience and touched the low Hi-Pointe ceiling in an almost precarious way, as dizzying films were projected on screens behind them. Old favorites "Dr. K." and "Octavia's Love Song" made appearances, but it was their faithful cover of EMF's "Unbelievable"—complete with a rave-like red spotlight and mass sing-alongs to the song's "OH!" chorus punctuation that caused a crowd frenzy not seen since, well, since EMF set dancefloors ablaze in 1991. Your last chance to see Femme Fatality appears to be November 24—just before a promised breakup that earns them a second honor this year: "Best Band to Die in the Past 12 Months."
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