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The Wine & Cheese Place

What's not to love about the liquor selection at the Wine & Cheese Place's flagship location? The numbers themselves are impressive: 252 liqueurs, 215 single-malt scotches, 171 vodkas, 102 American whiskies, 102 tequilas, 75 rums, 50 blended scotch whiskies and 42 gins. Plus, there are dozens of other bottles that don't fit into any of those categories, and new offerings arrive all of the time. Prices are excellent, too, and the service, led by Paul Hayden, is informed and friendly. A good liquor store, however, needs to be a true one-stop shop for all of your boozy needs, and it's here that the Clayton Wine & Cheese Place blows everywhere else out of the water. It has a huge, well-maintained craft beer selection, and little touches such as mercilessly demoting out-of-date beer to the discount bin and keeping green-bottled imports in a dark cooler to avoid skunking set the store apart. Add in a deep, diverse wine selection, with rare bottles sitting cheek-to-jowl with case stacks of good values, and the only thing missing to fulfill your alcoholic dreams is a rollaway cot.

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