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Lukas Liquors Superstore

We, uh, know someone whose recent grocery list read something like this: produce—peach schnapps, Stoli Blueberi; bakery—Frangelico, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur; dairy—Bailey's; ethnic aisle—sake, Sauza; breakfast aisle—Cristal, bloody mary mix; frozen foods—chilled Jager, alco-pops; seasonal aisle—drink-holder lawn chairs, Jack Daniel's wood chips; canned goods—beer; wine—lots; salad bar —make-your-own six-pack; household—Koozies, wine-glass tags; toiletries—travel flasks, mini bottles.... Our, uh, pal checked off every item on the list at Lukas Liquors Superstore: a veritable supermarket of liquor. If a drinker can dream it, Lukas can deliver it, from legendary names in liquor to brands obscure. From the recipe book to the alcohol to the mixer to the garnish to the glass, Lukas has every conceivable accoutrement, right down to the eensiest detail. We—uh, our friend—will be headed back to Lukas soon: Forgot to buy mini umbrellas!
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